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Modeling with Blackstar 101- Davina Finals.jpg

Davina Knibbs

I gained a lot of new knowledge in posing & how to put myself out there as a model as well as gaining a great experience working with well professional photographers. 10/10 from presentation to getting photos taken and getting edits back ! All great


Fatimah Mingo

It was fun, It caused me to come out of my comfort zone. I now know what I need to work on to excel as being a model.

Modeling with Blackstar 101- Polaneda Finals-7.jpg

Polaneda Hylaire

Working with Blackstar and United Artistry was a big deal for me because it was in NY, I meant so many beautiful people and their vibes were off the chain. It was a great environment and atmosphere to be around. Honestly can’t wait to do it again. Thank you so much for the experience!


Hadiyah Lawal

Working with Blackstar and United Artistry was a great experience. It properly brought me back into the world of modeling and reintroduced the process of really working for a good final outcome. Loved it!

MWB101 -Charity Round 1-9.jpg

Charity Jones

Everyone was really nice. The hospitality was amazing. Black star is very hands on & a wealth of knowledge. She helped me with my outfit on zoom prior to the photoshoot date. She really sets you up for success!

Modeling With Blackstar Bree Final-5_pp.jpg

Brianna Overton

My experience working with blackstar and United artistry was really amazing . They made me feel comfortable and I was able to be my self during the photoshoot section . I didn’t feel like I was around strangers , they felt more like family to me . They’re very professional and any questions you had , they was willing to answer and listen to them . I really glad I was able to work with them and meet them as well

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